Chapter 9 - Cut the cake, give it a shake!

It’s time for sweet moments! 

When you choose the spot for the cake think small, even if

the cake is huge. Cake spots are usually poorly lit, fairy

lights, flowers, and candles can create a great frame and mood, if 

you also have some lighting set up will help. Sharing the first

piece of cake with each other is also one of our favourites.

We love wedding sparkles walkthroughs (on the way towards,

or out of the cake).

Fireworks are on our fav list too. For nice photos, we should

know where they will be seen so we can choose the best

background and angle for you. Looking at each other and 

kisses are always welcomed during these moments.

No rules for the first dance! You can choose either a romantic

or a rhythmic song. Of course hugs, dips and kiss and lift ups 

are very welcome :)

Party pictures will be very different from the rest of the

photos with or without using our flashes, shaky and even 

blurred ones will be taken with which we’d like to give an 

the idea of what it is, great fun!

Our service finishes when everything is done: first dance, 

party pics, bouquet toss etc.