Contact us and ask for this little handbook full of useful information.
we live in the world of weddings and know a lot of tricks of the trade. let us help you to make your dreams come true

Prepare yourself

We have prepared something special for you.

Organizing a wedding, and choosing everything from colours to music, from schedule to vendors can be very hard and stressful.

We would like to help you with this small wedding guide, which explains our needs and gives you some hints on important things during your big day.

It will help you to make a shortlist of small details and

important decisions like "first look" or timing.

We truly believe that a wedding planner (a good wedding planner) is essential for your dream event, this guide will not substitute your wedding planner, either if you have one or not. Just a little help from our point of view, small things to know so your big day can go on smoother.