Chapter 8 - Buon Appetito!

It’s time for a culinary-immersive experience. Italy is one of

the best place in the world to enjoy high-quality, and 

authentic GOOD food!

First of all, while you and your guest enjoy the end of the

apertivio we’ll take beautiful pictures of the dinner table

setting and its details.

During dinner we won’t disturb you, it is also a time for us to

have a break, but please make sure we know when and how 

many speeches you planned, so we can be there for those

pictures. If it is possible we will take the candids of the guests,

while seated but not eating. This is something that we try to

finish before the dinner starts or right after it.

Also, let your guests know that if there are any surprises in 

the progress they should talk to us about it, so we can stay