Chapter 10 - The Happy After

After the wedding, in the next few days, we will send you

some highlights as previews. If you have a special request

regarding these previews please let us know.

We shoot a lot, and also we take care of every single file, 

editing one by one. We deliver hi-res, edited, jpeg files, at

least 70 images/hours of coverage.

Same rule for important things: do not be hasty! 

It’s not about how fast we can deliver your files, it is how 

much care we’ll take of them. Our delivery time is in six 

months from the wedding date, meanwhile, if you’ll need any

other preview (ex. family group photos, or thank you card)

please feel free to ask. 

The Holidays are crazy times for everyone, so if you would 

like to have some extra previews before the end of the year 

be sure you ask in November and not too close to the date, 

Christmas is also the only time we can have a rest from our 

all year job and stay finally a bit with our family.

If you just can’t wait, we also offer express delivery as an 

extra service.

Once you have your beautiful pictures you can decide either

to print for yourself or by us, check out our Fine Art 

Albums and prints. We offer different sizes, and colours of