Chapter 7 - Couple Shots

Maybe it is the most artistic part of our work, we try to take

the best photos of you with the best lighting. Although these

are considered posed pictures we do everything to make you

feel comfortable in front of the camera and just make you

have a bit of fun without forcing you to do anything. Mostly

it is having a walk, hugging, smiling, talking situation.

If you have any inspirational ideas, or requests please do not

hesitate to let us know your preference. Also if you have any

concerns with your body parts it is good to let us know.

After the ceremony and formal family photos if timing is good

and the light is still harsh (tipically in May-June-July), we’ll

let you stay with your guest first and have some aperitivo.

This session takes from 30 to 60minutes, if you want to have

a ride with your Vespa or getaway car for some extra drone 

records please be sure you calculate extra time for it.

We want you to be completely relaxed so if timing is stressy,

we suggest to do less but better photos. 

If you already have kids, we’ll manage photos with them at 

beginning of this session, so they will be free and get dirty 

for the rest of the day.

If you are particulary shy, or if you would like to discover

or add other landscapes as a background to your photos,

remember that we also offer engagement/prewedding sessions,

which are great occasions to get to know each other better

and to learn some small tricks of the trade.