Chapter 5 - Say, YES!

Rules for a great ceremony:

1) Take your time: when it comes to top moments like,

walking down and up the aisle, vows, exchange of rings,

first kiss etc. be sure you are not in a hurry. Enjoy that

moment. Don’t hide but show your love.

2) When the exchange of the rings happening be sure you have

low hands, that you are facing each other and not turning 

your back to your guests (and photographers).  

3)When you walking down the aisle, go slow, smile and look

up, remember to hold your bouquet lower than your belly.

4)For the first kiss just go with it! Remember not to hide

behind your bouquet and if you feel so halfway walking

up from the aisle, you can give another kiss each other,

it is a lovely spot for us.

5) If you have a nice flower setting at the aisle most probably

we will suggest you use it for formal photos as well.

Be sure you have a shortlist of the most important people

you want to have a photo with us so we won’t skip anybody.