Chapter 2 - What makes a wedding great

Certainly, a vision of a perfect day is easy, it is NOT to make

it real. If you have a wedding planner, don’t be shy, show up

what you like, and tell her everything that is important to you.

Sometimes they can really read your mind and suggest the best

solutions for colour palettes, and flowers such as the technical 

part (lightning, timing, vendors, logistics). Their job is 

complex with a global view on every single part and moment

before-during-after of the event.

When you have found the right venue, and the right vendors, 

remember, small details are very important, also do not mix

a Ferrari car with a countryside wedding! Be coherent and

consistent with the smallest thing. For us, it is essential to be

able to see the whole picture and read (capture) those parts.

From big to small. Be sure that the style you chose reflects 

you and makes you feel comfortable with the rest that