The essence of Lifestyle Photography is capturing real life moments, genuine expressions, most often candid without the subject knowing the photo was taken. It is recording of precious details that pass us by everyday, it is taking photos candidly the subjects in their own world.

It is an interaction, an expression or emotion, the way we live, laugh and love.

These photos will be something to look back at and treasure, to remind us of the real moments and to tell our story to future generations.

We mainly shoot outside, in the nature, with natural light. This will make our subjects feel much more comfortable and relaxed. Natural light will help us to achieve spontaneous and candid results.

Children have a beautiful mess inside

We will catch their fun moments and make them laugh a lot!

Our session take 1-2 hours and we deliver all the photos in hi-res jpeg on digital device.

We offer fine art photobooks and prints.

Our sessions include family shots, portraits, senior portraits, gravidancy and newborn sessions.

Please contact us for more informations and for booking details.






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