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Weddings, like most important moments in your life, go by in a blur.  Almost one year of planning (or more) leads up to a celebration that lasts less than half a day. When choosing your wedding photographer, take care in selecting someone you feel understands you - someone who will document all your most precious moments, candids, and memories. Fine someone that speaks to you on both a personale and emotional level.

When the cake is cut, the music is gone, and the flowers have dried, all you have left is your photos. I want nothing more than to capture images that mean the world to you and that you want to look at fo the rest of your lives. No matter who you end up booking, I encourage you to choose someone whose photos make you feel all of the smiles, tears, and celebrations their images capture.

General Information

Choosing a good photographer for your wedding can be difficult. If you don’t have a personal recommendation how do you decide? We suggest comparing photographers on three main points

Is the style and quality of photography what you
are looking for? Make sure you see full wedding galleries and album
designs, not just their portfolio favourites. It’s not a good idea to
expect a photographer to shoot a wedding in a style that they do not usually provide. Photographers may offer traditional, contemporary, reportage or fashion, alternatively they may offer a combination of more than one style. The main thing is that you need to see enough of their work to decide whether their style, whatever it’s called, is what you are looking for.


It’s always a good idea to meet with the photographer
before booking. Have a chat with them and see if you get on well.
Make sure you would be comfortable with them on your wedding day.
Are they enthusiastic about your wedding and open to your ideas?
Do they seem like they would take over or fit in? Check the testimonials and if you wish ask if you can talk to previous clients.


Does the price fit with your budget and provide the items you
are looking for? If the price is higher than other photographers is there a good reason for this? Remember that cheap photographers may not have the experience, backups or skill that are all important for your wedding day.

Do not miss out

We are not talking about delicious cake, or something blue (although all of those are still very important). We are talking about personal details, love letters to each other, and time to be alone. We feel sometimes couples forget about themselves during wedding planning in an effort to plan an amazing celebration for their guests. So make an effort  to include a sweet surprise for each other, or to include little nods to your love story through food, accessories, and music. Those things will make the day even better for everyone!

Our wedding vision is simple, elegant, pure, natural, bright, authentic and spontaneous moments. Storytelling of real emotions, caught moments that become everlasting memories.


The Process


Normally we will meet to chat about your requirements and so that you can see what we do like. You can view our work online and a sample album. When you are ready you can prepare and return the list of photographs and discuss any special circumstances. Make sure you explain anything that is particulary important to you neare to the day to help us to get the pictures you want. Sometimes clients wish to meet at the venue and we are happy to do this where possible. Please let us know about any changes to timings or locations and any potential problem such as parking etc. You may like to arrange a pre-wedding shoot. This is a good opportunity to get to know each other better and to see what it's like being photographed. You can also use pictures from this session on a signature board or for the table numbers.

On the day​
Typically we spend about one hour covering the bridal preparations, this may include photographing the shoes, flowers and dress as well as the bride getting ready and those helping. Most of this is informal but sometimes we may arrange people for set shots. Normally we will then have about thirty minutes before the time of the ceremony to cover guests arriving, portraits of the groom and his best man. We also have a quick chat with the person performing the ceremony to check what we are allowed to photograph. After the ceremony we like to allow the couple to mingle with their guests before doing some couple shots. Couple shots and group photographs can be done at the ceremony venue, e.g. the church. After it we usually reach two or three locations for the main shooting. This depends on the layout, weather and the couple’s preferences. Remaining photographs will be done at the reception venue. We will continue to do informal shots after the groups and before going into the wedding breakfast. During the meal we will not stop working. We will follow every situation, before and after the wedding cake-  We will check with you to see if there is anything else you need me for. If things are running late and you want us to stay longer don’t worry we never plan anything else on a wedding day and will be happy to stay on.

What Happens After The Wedding

After the wedding we will edit and prepare the photographs for you with professional softwares. We also create a draft design for the wedding album if this is included in your package. This means you don’t have to sit down and select everything from scratch, you can use the draft design as a starting point. We’ll contact you to let you know when things are ready but feel free to get in touch if you would like an update. In addition to a main
album you can purchase copies in a variety of sizes,the design is the same as the main album just scaled to fit the smaller album size. You can select any prints or digital copies as required. Your friends and family can order
prints. If you wish to meet after the wedding we can go through the options again then.